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Real Estate Licensing Course

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75hr Licensed Salesperson Course
45hr Licensed Broker Course
22.5hr Continuing Education Course

The First License You Will Need In Real Estate Career!

The 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course is required to obtain a real estate license. In New York State, real estate agents are required to be licensed when conducting real estate transactions.


Next License You Can Get After Becoming As A Salesperson!

The 45-Hour Real Estate Broker Course is required for obtaining a real estate broker license in New York. Applicants must have a salesperson’s license, have at least 3500 credits, and a permanent New York State resident. 


Licensed Course For Renew Your Real Estate License!

A Licensed Real Estate Salesperson or Broker is required, by the State of New York, to take a 22.5-Hour Continuing Education Course to renew his/her license every two years.